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Be aware of ATM Skimming

Skimming devices installed on ATM machines: Don’t fall prey to ATM skimming scams. Scammers can quickly read a card’s information and use it to access your account fraudulently. With a small device, your card’s information gets stored so that criminals can easily get to it later. Card skimming is the illegal copying of information from the magnetic strip of a credit or ATM card. It is a more direct version of phishing scam. The scammers try to steal your details so they can access your accounts. Once scammers have skimmed your card, they can create a fake or cloned card with your details on it. The scammer is then able to run up charges on your account. Card skimming is also a way for scammers to steal your identity and use it to commit identity fraud. By stealing your personal details and account numbers, the scammer may be able to borrow money or take out loans in your name.

How Skimming devices detected:

·         Skimming machines could be attached to the ATM card swipes.

·    A separate small camera could be hidden overlooking the keypad. In this way a fraudster may create


·      This enables the crook to create a fake cash card to withdraw money at ATM machines using the legitimate PIN.

·         These skimming devises are highly sophisticated and are made to look as if they are part of the ATM machines itself.

·         The skimming device may only be placed on an ATM machine for a short period of time, while the fraudsters may stay roaming near ATM machine.

How fraudsters withdraw cash by tricking cardholders:

·         When the fraudsters eventually take the skimming machines off, they will move to another cash card machine and do the same again. Sometimes criminals look over a cardholder’s shoulder to watch the PIN being entered and then steal the cash card, either by distracting the victim or by pick pocketing.

·         A popular distraction technique is dropping money on the floor and pointing out to the victim at the ATM machine that they have dropped it.

·         Another form is employment of a device into an ATM machine’s cash card slot which then retains the cash cards inside the ATM machine.

·         The victims are tricked into re-entering the PIN, while the criminal watches, maybe thinking that there is a genuine problem with the ATM machine. After the cardholder gives up and leaves the ATM machine, the criminal then removes the device which holds the cash card, and withdraws cash with the PIN he has just learned.

Tips to remain safe from ATM skimming:

·         Never keep your credit card or debit card and PIN number together. Do not let others see your PIN number, and be aware of other people behind you at ATM machines.

·         Try to cover your typing hand when keying in your PIN.

·         Do not approach an ATM if suspicious persons are nearby.

·         Never accept help from people you do not know while conducting transactions at an ATM.

·         Carefully look around you before beginning to conduct a transaction.

·         Never trust people you do not know asking for help. This may be a ploy to distract you while their accomplice steals your card and money.

·         Do not forget to retrieve your card and receipt from the ATM when your transaction has been completed.

If you suspect a skimming machine or device has been placed on an ATM machine do not try to remove it yourself but instead inform police or contact the bank immediately. Though no case of ATM skimming has been reported so for in District Sargodha yet the citizens are advised to remain vigilant by using ATM cards.


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