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Renewal of Driving Licence

Note: All Driving Licence, Duplicates and Renewals are issued at the Counter of Driving Licence Branch, SSP Office Sargodha. There are no agents. If you have any complaints regarding licencing, Click & Report Here

The following documents are required for Renewal of License:

1. Required Application Form.
2. 1 Photo Graph Passport Size, a copy of CNIC, Original Driving License and a Ticket of relevant License. License is renewed for five years.

Fee Schedule is given in the following:

1. Motor Cycle Rs. 550
2. Car Rs. 825
3. Car/ Motor Cycle Rs. 750
4. LTV Rs. 825
5. Rikshaw Rs. 550
6. Tractor (Commercial) Rs. 550
7. Tractor Agri Rs. 275
8. HTV Rs. 1100
9. Invalid Carriage. Rs. 100

Additional Fine in case of No Renewal:

1. With in 30 days of Expiry: Nill
2. After 30 Days and with in 90 days: 50% of License Fee
3. After 90 Days and with in 1 Year: Equal to License Fee
4. After 1 Year: 150% License Fee

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