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The detection rates for Violent Crime against property and person (e.g. dacoity and robbery) and non-violent crime against property (e.g. burglary and theft) in most of the modern western world has dropped dismally to below 25% generally. Complex societies, population growth, unemployment and the meagre capacity of Police and Law Enforcement agencies are the main factors contributing to this decline. Even, the Crime Statistics in Pakistan also show a similar deterioration, but the detection rates are comparatively higher, e.g. the average detection rate of robbery by Punjab Police during June-December, 2012, was 39% (Click here for details of Crime Figures in Punjab) while in the same period detection rate of robbery by Sargodha Police was 49%. Presently, there is a growing realisation that despite the advent of technology, reducing crime without support of citizens and community will remain a dream. Sargodha Police invites all Sargodhians to partner with their Police in fight against crime. You don't have to take up arms. If you have any useful information regarding an unsolved crime in your neighbourhood of village, share it here, with complete confidentiality. Click the Link below:

Click here to 'Solve any Unsolved Crime in Sargodha'



RPO Sargodha Says:
protection of life, property and prestige of citizens is the prime duty of police and we will ensure sincere efforts to control crime
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