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The District- at a glance . . .

Sargodha district is situated in the North-East of the largest Punjab Province in Pakistan. The district was created in 1934. It spans between Rivers Jhelum (NE) and Chenab (SW) over an area of 5864 Sq KM. The population is 3.15 million. The largest Air Base of Pakistan (PAF Mushaf) is located close to Sargodha City, hence the name- "The City of Eagles". Sargodha is a predominantly agricultural-cum-rural district. Due to its proximity with Faisalabad district- which is the hub of industrial and commercial activity, it has a stunted industrial base. Sargodha remains renowned today for its "Citrus Orchards" and its worldwide exports of kinnow- the tasty local orange specie. The newly built National Motorway (M-2 Section), promises a great growth potential for the district in near future. M-2 connects the District with the Provincial Capital Lahore and the Federal Capital Islamabad (2 hours drive each).

RPO Sargodha Says:
protection of life, property and prestige of citizens is the prime duty of police and we will ensure sincere efforts to control crime
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