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Watch out for the Cattle Rustlers

Sargodha Police is in the process of implementing an effective and multi-pronged anti cattle-rustling strategy. Some of the key features of this strategy are Preventive Detention of Rassagirs (Patrons), Publishing a Black Book of habitual Catle Rustlers leading to their arrests (will be available on this website for download soon), establishing police pickets at all district entry-exit points and 100% surveillance of transportation of cattle within and outside the district from sunset to sunrise. To make this strategy a success story, Police needs an effective participation and feedback from the rural community. Sargodha Police understands that Internet is not a very effective medium for reaching out to the people in the villages. For this, we have a designed a separate strategy to reach out to the villagers through FM 93 and FM 96 Sargodha, Police Radio (will start soon) and telephonic feedback through Village Councils. We do not intend to employ the traditional and cumbersome method of theekri-pehra (volunteer watchmen) to prevent this crime, which causes great inconvenience to the people.

RPO Sargodha Says:
protection of life, property and prestige of citizens is the prime duty of police and we will ensure sincere efforts to control crime
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